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Sleep Disorders

Do you experience frequent daytime tiredness? Inadequate sleep is associated with chronic diseases.

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Sleep disorders don't just happen to you during the night. The physical, mental and emotional effects stay with you during the day, affecting productivity, concentration, and putting you at risk for a number of health issues as well as accidents. Symptoms can include daytime sleepiness, waking with headaches, drowsiness while driving, snoring, fatigue and irritability. Fortunately, the East Alabama Sleep Disorders Center has solutions.

Read the information on our site and ask your doctor for a referral, or call 334-528-2404 to make an appointment. Our sleep specialists will diagnose your problems and offer effective solutions that will help you with your sleeping disorder as well as improve the overall quality of your life.

Do you have Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea occurs when you regularly stop breathing for 10 seconds or longer...

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Learn about our staff

Our Medical Director is Dr. William Leuschke, board certified in Neurology and...

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